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Introducing EVO – the rEVOlutionary robot taking the pool cleaner market by storm!

Introducing EVO – the rEVOlutionary Robot taking the pool cleaner market by storm! EVO is the latest and greatest robotic pool cleaner taking the pool industry by storm. With its split dirt-busting Dual-Traction brushes, Powerful Vacuum Technology, large top loading EZ-Clean debris canister and surprisingly lowcost, EVO can clean pool floors, walls, waterlines, steps, and[…]

Hot Tub Buying Guide

You’ve always dreamed of having your very own hot tub and now you’re finally ready to take the plunge. You may ask, “Where do I start?”  Do a quick Internet search, and you’ll find thousands of hot tubs in a dizzying array of prices, sizes, and features. Reading this will help you start your search[…]

Availability of Maytronics Robotic Pool Cleaners and Replacement Parts

After two years of shipping delays and supply shortages, it looks like our manufacturers may finally be back on track! We remain dedicated to offering the lowest possible prices and best customer service.  We have several Maytronics Pool Cleaners In Stock Now and more Maytronics Pool Cleaners Arriving This Spring  Call, email or click HERE to order, check availability[…]

What To Do After My Pool Freezes

Right now, certain areas of the country are experiencing unprecedented low temperatures accompanied by power and other utility outages. On Thursday, one insurance company was so inundated with claims that their entire reporting website went down. When there’s no power to your pool pump, and the temperature drops unexpectedly low, your pipes can freeze and[…]

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