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Protect Your Pool from Winter Freezes

winter pool cover

Protecting your pool equipment from freezing temperatures is important. We’ve partnered with Pentair to offer these helpful tips so you can help protect your backyard oasis from the effects of cold weather.

Keep in mind, you can always contact us and we will be happy to help you find a pool professional or provide expert guidance on how to best prepare your pool for your individual conditions. 

If your local weather channel says temperatures will drop to 45 degrees Fahrenheit (F) or lower, consider a full closure of your pool. If a winter storm is in the forecast and you don’t have time to close your pool, consider these quick action steps to aid in the protection of your pool and prepare for POWER OUTAGES:

Turn off your breakers.
While you may not have power now, the first thing you should do is turn off all breakers to your pool so that when the power does return, you can assess your pool in a controlled environment before everything turns back on and causes potential havoc.

Remove lids.
In the event of an atypical snowstorm, frozen pool water expands and it needs a place to go. To avoid cracking and damaging lids, we recommend removing pump pot and filter lids to avoid extra built-up pressure and provide extra space for any ice to go.

Open all valves.
Similar to removing lids, opening as many valves as you can, including the air relief valve on top of your filter, relieves pressure on the water that may be expanding within your equipment.

Remove all plugs.
Many of your plugs can also be removed to account for expanding water. Remove the pump pot plug, pump volute plug, the drain plugs next to the heater and the plug found at your dial valve. While most frozen plugs can be removed by hand, if needed, use a pair of pliers for extra leverage.

Disconnect your motor.
As an extra step of protection, homeowners can disconnect their motor from power, if able.

If a winter storm is in the forecast and you don’t have time to close your pool, you may also consider these steps to maintain your pool during severe weather:

Keep your equipment on.
In general, moving water is less likely to freeze, that’s why it is essential to keep equipment running and pool pumps circulating even during freezing temperatures.

Check your pool pump, pipes and lines.
Do you notice any damage or cracks? If so, turn off your pool to avoid further damage. Do note that cracks in frozen pipes and lines won’t leak until they start to thaw.

Assess the surface of your water.
The surface of your pool’s water could freeze. As the water freezes, it expands and can start pushing against the tiles of your pool causing them to potentially chip, break or fall off completely. It is important to keep water flowing as long as possible to avoid potential damage caused by ice.

If you live in a climate where you are experiencing freezing temperatures for a short period, you can enable freeze protection on your pool automation system. Having pool automation allows your pool equipment to continue running until normal temperatures return.

If you do not have pool automation, run your pool equipment 24/7 until temperatures return to normal.


Use your robotic pool cleaner or a pool brush to remove any deposit from pool walls. Deep cleaning your pool helps reduce black algae and other issues from absorbing into your pool walls.

Before closing your pool, always follow our Winter Closing Instructions. A “grand opening” next spring is guaranteed if you follow proper chemical and mechanical closing procedures this fall. The winterizing process should really start a few days before the pool is finally closed.

Remove pool cleaners, booster pumps and detachable pool accessories. If you are waiting for a service company to assist in closing your pool, keep your automation and filtration systems and your pool pump running.

After your service company has assessed your pool, have your winter cover ready so you can help to protect your pool from sleet or snow and help to keep your water balanced until the cold front has passed. We have some spectacular pre-season pricing on custom-made Winter Safety Covers so be sure to call with your pool dimensions or to match the template on a cover you already have.

If you’ve taken all necessary steps but you STILL experience damage to your pool or equipment, contact us and we can help you find the parts and equipment you need to get your pool back to normal as soon as possible.


Protect Your Pool from Winter Freezes
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