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Chemical Maintenance of a Newly Filled Spa

While the spa is filling, add a sequestering agent like Spa Pure Stain and Scale Preventer per label directions. After spa is filled, start up the equipment and let circulate for an hour or two before testing or adding any additional chemicals.

Test the water using either a liquid test kit or test strips to determine PH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness readings.

First, adjust Total Alkalinity between 80 and 150 using Total Alkalinity Increaser or Sodium Bicarbonate. To lower, use Spa Down or Sodium Bisulfate by following the labels directions for the volume of water in your spa. Remember we refill your Total Alkalinity Increaser bottles for $1.50 per pound so don’t throw those bottles away.

Next, test and adjust PH between 7.4-7.6 using PH Increaser (Soda Ash) or Decrease (Sodium Bisulfate) following labels instructions. Remember we also refill your pH Increaser bottles for $1.50 per pound so don’t throw those bottles away either.

Finally, test and adjust Calcium Hardness between 200 and 500 using Calcium Chloride. Raise if necessary, by following the labels instructions.

You will need to test and maintain these three balance factors at all times, not only for bather comfort but also for the effectiveness of your sanitizer and the longevity of your equipment. Remember always adjust to the low side, it’s easier to add more then to remove. As with any body of water you must do certain things: 1) Balance 2) Sanitize 3) Oxidize 4) Circulate and Filter.

Having covered the Balance factor, the next step is to Sanitize meaning, to kill algae, bacteria and viruses. There are various ways to accomplish this, the most common being Chlorine or Bromine tablets, granular chlorine or a mineral purifier.

If you are using Bromine tablets, first add a Sodium Bromide Product per label only on a fresh fill. Then place tablets in your floater or feeder and adjust as needed to maintain a reading of 365 parts per million (ppm). Shock at least weekly with a non-chlorine non-bromine oxidizer (potassium monopersulfate) to oxidize the bodily oils, nitrates and ammonias that we drag in on our bodies. This also will help keep your sanitizer running effectively. Follow the same procedure if using Chlorine tablets but skip the Bromine Initiator and keep Free Chlorine at about 1-3 ppm.

If you are using granular chlorine (Sodium Dichlor) add about a tablespoon per 200 gallons as an initial dose, then about a teaspoonful after every use. Shock weekly with a chlorine free oxidizer (potassium monopersulfate) per label.

If you are using a Mineral Purifier such as a Nature II (Click and enter Code JANDY2024 for extra savings) or the Spa Frog. Follow start up and maintenance directions in the box. The copper and silver or zinc in your mineral purifier will be the main killer of algae, bacteria and viruses. You will need to maintain very low levels of chlorine or bromine. However, you will still need to oxidize contaminants and maintain balance factors.

Remember to drain and refill every 3 to 4 months. Keep filters clean not just rinsing but soaking them in a filter cleaner that is an acid to remove minerals and a detergent to remove oils. We’ve got a great new filter pod available that makes filter cleaning fast and easy.

Ancillary products are available if needed. If you are getting foaming, a squirt of Spa Defoamer will get rid of the symptoms and adding more spa shock may get at the cause. We recommend putting the defoamer in a spray bottle so it covers the foam evenly and breaks it all down on contact. Enzymes are available to digest contaminants and spa surface cleaners will take care of the bathtub ring without adding soap suds.

Don’t forget we have a complete line of crystals, liquids and “bombs,” specifically made for spas, that will soften your water, moisturize your skin, provide CBD and anti-inflammatory therapy, and provide wonderful fragrances. Enjoy and feel free to call with any questions or bring us a water sample for free testing and analysis.

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