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Introducing EVO – the rEVOlutionary robot taking the pool cleaner market by storm!

Introducing EVO – the rEVOlutionary Robot taking the pool cleaner market by storm!

EVO is the latest and greatest robotic pool cleaner taking the pool industry by storm. With its split dirt-busting Dual-Traction brushes, Powerful Vacuum Technology, large top loading EZ-Clean debris canister and surprisingly low
cost, EVO can clean pool floors, walls, waterlines, steps, and shelves in all pool types.

Split Dirt-Busting Dual-Traction Brushes


EVO’s split dirt-busting Dual-Traction brushes are designed to direct dirt and debris to the inlet for better cleaning.

Powerful Vacuum Technology

EVO’s Powerful Vacuum Technology captures dirt and debris without losing suction. The vacuum is equipped with a filter that traps even the smallest particles, so you can be sure your pool is clean and clear.

Large Top Loading EZ-Clean Debris Canister

EVO’s large top loading EZ-Clean debris canister makes it easy to empty the dirt and debris from your pool. The canister is easy to remove and clean, and it’s large enough to hold all of the dirt and debris from a single cleaning cycle. Its unique design is far superior to other robotic filter baskets. Instead of having an opening at the bottom of the basket that can let dirt and debris escape back into the pool, the EVO cleaners powerful vacuum technology keeps dirt and debris spiraling in the basket instead of settling in the bottom.  Dirt and debris is sucked up through an inlet tube on the side of the basket and won’t escape back into the pool.

Cleans All Pool Types

EVO can clean all pool types, including inground pools, above ground pools, saltwater, vinyl, fiberglass and concrete.  Its dual-traction active brushes and large rubber tracks will easily clean and climb any pool surface including floors, walls, waterlines, step, seats, shelves and benches.

Cost Effective

The EVO line is hundreds of dollars less than their competitors and in many cases, offer more features too. 


EVO is the rEVOlutionary robotic pool cleaner that will change the way you clean your pool. With its powerful features and easy-to-use design, EVO is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a clean and clear pool without the hassle of hand vacuuming. But don’t just take our word for it! Hear what our friends at Trouble Free Pool have to say!

Join the EVO rEVOlution! Order your EVO today and experience the next EVOlution in robotic pool cleaners!

When you’re ready to find the Perfect Robotic Pool Cleaner Cleaner visit: 

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Introducing EVO – the rEVOlutionary robot taking the pool cleaner market by storm!
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