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Winter Pool Closing

Recommendations for Closing Your Pool for the Fall and Winter

A “grand opening” next spring is guaranteed if you follow proper chemical and mechanical closing procedures this fall. The winterizing process should really start a few days before the pool is finally closed. Don’t rush it. Keep the pool open, circulating and treated for as long as it takes to be absolutely clean, clear and algae-free. If it’s the least bit green or cloudy now, it will be a swamp in the spring. But if it’s perfect when you close – and you close it properly – it will be perfect in the spring. Of course, closing procedures are remarkably more difficult if you’re wearing galoshes and mittens so don’t wait too long!

With the water clear, the pool skimmed and vacuumed and the pH between 7.4 and 7.6, total alkalinity between 80 and 150 and calcium hardness between 200 and 400, add Pool Magic Plus Phos Free Spring and Fall per label. It protects your pool surface, ensures no scum line in the spring, and removes phosphates to prevent algae. It may be added 2 weeks to 2 days before closing.

The next day, add an anti-stain agent like Metal Free.  Circulate at least 24 hours then add enough chlorine shock treatment to raise your chlorine reading to approximately 6-10 ppm – about 2 to 3 pounds per 10,000 gallons. If you prefer not to use chlorine, add at least 2 lbs of non-chlorine shock per 10,000 gallons. Circulate several hours or overnight before adding Algaecide 60% Concentrate – at least 16 oz per 10,000 gallons or Winterizing Algaecide per label. Continue circulating a few more hours.

Cleaning your filter is next. Follow manufacturer’s instructions. Use Quick Wash to degrease and descale sand filters. For cartridge or D.E. filters, remove and clean the elements, soak in Filter Fresh or Filter Cleanse, then rinse and replace. For Zeolite filters use Clean & Refresh per label. Scrub the pool surface (especially the water line) with a good tile and vinyl cleaner (Cling N Clean). Clean and deodorize your solar blanket with GLB Cover Care, rinse, dry and store indoors.

Now lower the water level in the pool and drain all equipment (pump, filter, heater, chlorinator, etc.) according to manufacturer’s directions. Blow out plumbing lines, add non-toxic pool antifreeze to the lines, and insert winter plugs in returns and skimmers. If you have an automatic safety cover, bring water back to recommended levels or use skimmer blowout extensions and winter duck plugs to save water. Remove the skimmer basket and insert a weighted plastic bottle to prevent freeze damage. If you need help with the mechanical procedures, give us a call. We’ll be happy to recommend a service person.

Slow dissolving chlorine tablets (about 4 lbs per 10,000 gallons) in a floating dispenser should be placed in the pool. Tie the floater to keep it in the center of the deep end and open at a minimal setting to prevent bleaching the pool surface. Place an air pillow or ice equalizer in above ground pools. Install a durable winter cover. Keeping your pool covered in the off season will double the life of your pool surface and save clean up in the spring.

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