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Is It Too Early To Open My Swimming Pool?

We’ve been getting LOTS of phone calls and emails lately asking if it’s too early to open swimming pools.  If you’re in the warmer regions, you’re ALWAYS enjoying your swimming pool but in Colorado and the colder states, we don’t usually open until mid May.

But with everyone staying at home and online learning in full force, families are finding they need something else to do.  Whatever your looking for, there’s nothing more fun, relaxing or energizing to do in the backyard than to enjoy your own, private swimming pool!

Don’t worry if the weather turns cold again once you’ve opened the pool.  Once the water is circulating, moving water won’t freeze so just leave the pump and filter on while it’s cold.

If you need start up directions for a pool that’s already filled, you can read through our Spring Startup of a Swimming Pool instructions.  If you are draining and refilling or filling your pool up for the first time, read through our Chemical Startup of a Newly Filled Swimming Pool.  Don’t hesitate to call 303-985-0077 or email us with a list or picture of chemicals you already have and we can tell you how and when to use them and figure out if there are any other chemicals you may need.


Is It Too Early To Open My Swimming Pool?
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