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Is It Time to Consider a Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Is It Time to Consider a Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner?

With the flood of new cordless robotic swimming pool cleaners entering the market, we felt it’s time to discuss whether you should consider a cordless robotic pool cleaner. 

If you have a larger, free-form pool with obstacles such as barstools, umbrellas, tables, benches or ledges, you should seriously consider a cordless cleaner.  The cord can wrap around these obstacles and keep the cleaner from operating properly.

Corded cleaners are also prone to tangling so battery operated cleaners avoid that issue all together. If you’ve purchased a higher end robotic cleaner in the last few years, chances are you have one with a swivel cable that helps cut down on the tangling but if not, you know how aggravating it can be trying to untwist and straighten the cables.

We’ve tested all of the more popular cordless cleaners out there today and most have failed miserably.  Despite their claims, generally they do not hold their battery charge long enough to clean the entire pool.  They run out of power so quickly that you pool is left less than halfway clean and you either have to have a backup robotic cleaner, pull out a handheld and spend valuable time cleaning or wait up to eight hours or overnight for the cleaner to re-charge.

We also find them somewhat difficult to retrieve when they do run out of battery.  Even though some cleaners claim to have a “return home” feature, the cleaners typically just stop – often times in the deepest, hard to reach part of your pool.  You have to fish them out with a hook and pole which we found to be much harder to do than gently pulling the cable on the corded cleaners. 

Maytronics is introducing another battery operated robotic cleaner sometime this year.  This is not a new attempt by Maytronics.  They introduced a Liberty cordless, battery cleaner many years ago in a few select markets which failed miserably.  We have yet to get our hands on their “new” model but we don’t have high hopes.  We definitely won’t be able to review this cleaner for this season as we prefer to test cleaners for at least a whole season before we can offer our recommendations.

The best cordless cleaner we have found is the Water Tech Volt 550Li.  This cleaner holds its charge and does an amazing job.  We were fortunate enough to be able to test the cleaner on an extremely dirty pool covered in fine sand and silt.  The Volt 550Li cleaned quickly, covered the entire pool including walls and waterline and had battery charge to spare.  It uses the old school bag which initially we were hesitant to re-embrace but the amount of silt and debris it was able to grab was incredible.  It was a initially a little difficult to get the cleaner out of the pool with the hook and pole but if you grab the handle on the side of the cleaner once it is on top of the water surface it’s fairly easy to maneuver.  The suction rate and run time are both greater than Maytronics top of the line cleaners.  Overall, replacement parts, batteries and chargers cost less for the Volt 550Li than their Maytronics counterparts. Definitely worth the price and a really great manufacturer to boot.  They stand behind their product, have parts readily available and offer a fantastic 3 warranty, one of the longest in the industry.

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Is It Time to Consider a Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner?
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