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Pool Magic with Phosfree Spring and Fall – 1 liter


  • Pool Magic + PHOSfree
  • 1L/33.9oz



Pool Magic + PHOSfree



  • 1Liter per 20,000 gallons Close your pool with Pool Magic and next spring you’ll enjoy Clear Perfect Water with half the time and work!
  • We are not exaggerating when we say your spring opening will be hassle-free and take less time.


  • no phosphate build-up
  • provides fast easy start-up
  • maintains low phosphates all season
  • prevents waterline rings
  • helps preserve pool liners & finishes
  • great for end of pool season
  • open clean, clear pool following season
  • makes water feel soft & silky


  • For New Pools follow dealer instructions to fill, balance water chemistry and sanitize.
  • For Existing Pools clear out debris, top up water and start up filter system. Balance water chemistry and sanitize.
  • Shake bottle well and add entire bottle for pools up to 25,000 gallons (95,000L) to skimmer with filter running.
  • Operate pool normally for 2 weeks.
  • Then, backwash/clean filter, ensure phosphate levels are below 300ppb, and begin regular weekly maintenance with Pool Perfect + PHOSfree


  • Shake well before using as contents settle.
  • One to two weeks before closing, add entire contents of bottle to the skimmer.
  • Close pool normally.
  • 1L/33.9oz. bottle treats up to 25,000 gallons (95,000L)

WHY USE PoolMagic +PHOSfree:

  • Your pool water is constantly being invaded by phosphates and organic contaminants.
  • Phosphates are a primary nutrient or food source for algae*.
  • If you starve algae of this important food source, it cannot grow.
  • Organic contaminates include, sunscreens & suntan lotions, body oils, sweat, cosmetics etc.
  • Phosphates enter your pool from a variety of sources, including:
    • lawn & garden fertilizers
    • chemicals & cleaners
    • rainwater & fill water
    • decaying vegetation…and the list goes on…

These phosphates build-up in your pool water, providing a necessary food source and bloom environment for algae. Typically, algae is treated with harsh chemicals like algaecides or other sanitizing products.

Pool Magic+PHOSfree is your initial step to easy pool maintenance, it is the ideal product for opening and closing your pool. It is specifically formulated to work in cold water. Pool Magic+PHOSfree is included in Natural Chemistry’s ‘Clear, Perfect Algae-free Water Kits’. The program works in conjunction with the enzyme-based Pool Perfect; combining the benefits of both products into an easy maintenance program for swimming pool owners. While the PHOSfree removes the phosphates, the natural enzymes gently biodegrade organic material in the pool water.

Another great benefit to Pool Magic+PHOSfree is it is gentle on the skin, non-toxic and 100% safe for your family and the environment!


Pool Magic with Phosfree Spring and Fall – 1 liter

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