Safety Fence and Nets

If you own a pool and have kids and pets, you know that pool safety is of the utmost importance.

The WaterWarden removable pool safety fence system is UL-certified to ASTM F2286 and provides a safe durable barrier that helps prevent unwanted entry into your pool area. The fence is easily installed and removed and kits are available to accommodate any size or shape residential above ground or inground pool.

The WaterWarden® pool safety net is specifically designed for this purpose and features a taut net stretched over the water to catch any kids, pets or even toys that may fall in. It stays in place via steel hooks on the sides of an aboveground pool or flush deck anchors on an inground deck.

Our safety nets for pools are easy to install and can be attached in minutes. They’re specifically cut and finished to fit most popular pool sizes and shapes. They are also easy to trim/customize by the pool owner to fit your particular pool.

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