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Pentair Intellitouch Accessories

  • 520442 i-Link Home Automation Interface for IntelliTouch Automation
  • 520406 IntelliTouch Controller Dimmer Module
  • 521209 QuickTouch II Remote
  • 520403 Dual Header Kit
  • 521485 IntelliValve Valve Actuator
  • 520199 1000′ Cable, Four Conductor, 22 AWG
  • 520106 3 HP Relay for IntelliTouch
  • RCS1 Additional Spa Jets Switch (for multiple jet pumps)
  • ES03 Emergncy Shut-Off Switch with Audible Alarm
  • 520138 Indoor Control Panel for IntelliTouch
  • 520967 Light Direct Connect Kit
  • 6870002 Telephone remote control
  • 520272 Air And Water Temperature Sensor
  • 522101 Solar Temperature Sensor
  • 520198 Two-speed 3HP Relay
  • 263045 Valve Actuator
  • 520285 Value Module
  • 520818 Com Port Expansion Module
  • AI101 Surge Suppressor for 115V Transformer Wiring
  • AI201 Surge Suppressor for 230V Transformer Wiring
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EasyTouch pool and spa control systems eliminate repeated trips to the equipment pad, as well as memorizing operating sequences, opening and closing valves and resetting time clocks and thermostats. Plus, EasyTouch sets the standard for operating simplicity with push-button operation and clear, intuitive instructions and displays.

Pentair Intellitouch Accessories
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