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CCH 73100 Endurance Cal-Hypo Tablet Feeder


  • CCH Endurance Cal-Hypo Tablet Feeder
  • 73100
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The CCH® Endurance Feeder is an easy to use, automatic solution
that is exclusively designed to feed CCH® Endurance Tablets. Other
Calcium Hypochlorite or Trichlor tablets will not fit into the feeder nor
will they dissolve properly and provide the appropriate feed rate. With
the simplicity of an erosion feeder, the CCH® Endurance Feeder’s
streamlined design is easy to install, service and requires minimal
operator maintenance

The CCH® Endurance System is a pressurized feeder
system designed for pools and spas ranging from 500 to 60,000
gallons [1,892.7 to 227,124.7 liters].

They can be installed in a series of 3 for pools up to 180,000 gallons

CCH 73100 Endurance Cal-Hypo Tablet Feeder

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Weight 744 oz
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 12 in
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