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DuraMAX Duo Junior

The most durable automatic cleaner for commercial pools of all sizes (75′ to Olympic size).  Its high-filtration vacuum power and large filter capacity are surrounded by a rugged large body design focused on maximum durability, superior cleaning and agility. Factory programmed to automatically vacuum and scrub the pool floor with optional activation for wall and waterline scrubbing.

The DuraMAX line also features a dual-direction Radio Remote Control for spot-cleaning, and wall and waterline scrubbing options. Users can also add a 1 hour cleaning cycle delay (select units).  The Digital Display adjustments for 1-7 hours or Continuous Run Operation.

Special Brush available at no additional charge:

  • For smooth pool surfaces (polished tile, fiberglass, newly painted epoxy coat, stainless steel and vinyl liner) PVA Brushes are recommended
  • DuraMAX cleaners come standard with both High and Low Durometer Super Brushes - please indicate any changes with order

Infrared (Obstacle Sensor):

  • Infrared options are available on all DuraMAX cleaners for an additional $350
  • Infrared changes the unit to a floor-only cleaner and eliminates wasted time and limited cleaning coverage dur to "hang-ups" at ladders, bulkheads and other obstacles.

Air Sensor (Out-of-Water Emergence Sensor):

  • DuraMAX cleaners come standard with Air Sensor feature
  • Prevents the unit from emerging out from water in zero-depth entry points (beach entry/handicap ramps)

* Additional Cable Length is available on this model *

  • An additional 30' (9.14 m) of floating cable can be added for an additional $200

Comes standard 110 Volt.  220 Volt is available for an additional $200.

DuraMAX Duo Junior Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

  • Recommended for pools up to Olympic Size
  • Floor & Wall or Floor Only Programs
  • 4 Directional wireless remote control
  • Adj. 1-7 Hr Timer w/ auto-shut off or Continuous Operation
  • 120’ and 150’ / 37m and 46m Kink Resistant Cable Options
  • Dual Pump Motors
  • Complete with Air Sensor
  • Extended Body Size
  • Includes Ultra Kart Junior
  • 0 Entry Air Sensor
  • Optional Infra-Red

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Our Price: $4,099.00