Smartpool YG03 YardGard® Gate/Door/Window Alarm System


YardGard® Gate/Door/Window Alarm System (YG03)


  • Listed by ETL to UL 2017 
  • Always On Device as Required by Barrier Codes 
  • Alarm Goes Off Immediately When Triggered as Required by Barrier Codes 
  • Can be Manually Reset or will Automatically Reset in 3 Minutes to Continue Siren 
  • 7-Second Delay Allows for Adult Pass-Through 
  • 120 dB Alarm Siren - Minimum 95 dB at 10 Feet 
  • Convenient Single Button Pass/Reset Operation 
  • All Hardware Included for Gate, Door or Window Mount 
  • Auto Low Battery Chirp 
  • Water-Resistant 
  • Operates on One - 9 Volt Battery (not incl.) 



Our Price: $39.99