1/2" Blue Reflective Fire Pit or Fireplace Glass - 10 lbs


Looking for something new and exciting for your backyard oasis?

Artic Flame Glass is the most incredible sight you will ever see in your fireplace or fire pit! This is heat tempered glass that is processed through our tumbler to prevent rough or cutting edges. You won't cut your hand when handling this processed glass, and that's a fact! This is good news, but the best is yet to come. Arctic Flame Glass, offered in multiple colors, will truly mesmerize you as you watch it. As the flames dance around and through the processed glass, you'll think it has started to flow right in front of your view, but it hasn't. You'll think you're watching a million stars, but you're not. Arctic Flame Glass is a truly unique product!

Our many color options are sure to match to your existing décor and give your fire pit a more modern look than outdated ceramic logs and over-used lava rocks. Choose one color or mix and match to create your own custom color combination to show off your personal style. You can also top off our fire pit glass with an accent color or reflective fire pit glass to add an extra flash of bright color. Because you are able to buy our glass in 10 lbs increments, you have an infinite number of color combinations!

Fire pit glass retains and generates more heat than ceramic logs. This extra heat retention makes the glass extremely energy-efficient and saves you money by using less gas than lava rock or ceramic logs. Our fire pit glass will not melt, degrade or emit toxic fumes. Nor will it create soot, ash or smoke.


NOMINAL LxW:   1/4"-1/2" Length and Width Pieces

If you do not know how many pounds of glass you will need, please email us your fireplace or fire pit dimensions and we will calculate the total for you. The general rule of thumb is as follows:

For Fireplaces: 1) Measure the width across the center of the firebox 2) Multiply the result times the depth from the front to the back 3) Divide the result by 20.5 4) Multiply the result by the number of inches high you would like the glass (this should be at least 2 inches)

For Firepits: 1) Divide the diameter by 2 2) Square the results 3) Multiply the result by .15 4) Multiply the result by the number of inches deep

Our Price: $49.99